Configure and validate your Stripe account

Please follow these steps to configure your Stripe account:

1 – Log in to your Yoyomolo account. You’ll be automatically redirected to your account dashboard. 

2 – Access your Stripe account. Click on your first name in the top menu, and then click on My Stripe account. To start configuring your account, click on the button.

3 – Create your Stripe account by adding your email address and creating a password. 

4- Secure your account by adding your phone number. You’ll receive a text message with a confirmation code to confirm your phone and account. 

5- Add your business information, if applicable.

Note: You must fill in the company information. If you are not a company, complete the fields anyway. For example, for the company’s website, you can provide the link to your campaign or to

6- Add your personal information. Your social security number is totally optional. 

7- Add your bank account information so you can receive your donations. The website is fully secured. 

8- Choose the statement descriptor that will appear on your statements. A statement descriptor is the business name a customer will see on their card statements. Choose a name that’s easy to recognize. For example, if you choose Yoyomolo as your statement descriptor, it’s what will appear on your statements for transactions made with Stripe. 

Congratulation! Your Stripe account is now configured.

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