Do I need specific documents to complete my tax return?

The following information comes from Revenu Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency. We still highly recommend you call the governments’ agents to explain your personal situation to them. Yoyomolo gives this information but cannot ensure its validity for every case.

Provincial level (Quebec)

Revenu Québec proceeds case by case, so you need to personally contact them. Here are the infos:

For citizens:

Montreal area: 514-864-6299

Québec area: 418-659-6299

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 8 h 30 – 16 h 30.

For businesses:

Montreal area : 514-873-4692

Québec area : 418-659-4692

Business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 h 30 am – 4 h 30 pm and Wednesday from 10 h am – 4 h 30 pm.


Federal level (Canada)

We highly recommend you call a CRA agent. Here is what we could find:

1.3 The term gift is not defined in the Act. In common law jurisdictions, the courts have said that a bona fide gift exists when:

  • There is a voluntary transfer of property,
  • A donor freely disposes of his or her property to a donee, and
  • The donee confers no right, privilege, material benefit, or advantage on the donor or on a person designated by the donor.”

1.4 Whether a transfer of property has been made voluntarily is a question of fact. In order for a transfer to be considered voluntary, there must be no obligation to make such a transfer. Amounts received as gifts are not subject to tax in the hands of the recipient.

Click here to read the whole folio.

Information updated on February 20th, 2017. 
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