How do I challenge a chargeback?

You received a chargeback for a donation made to your campaign. Usually, chargebacks are issued for the following reasons:


  • The cardholder does not recognize the charge or recipient on the statement
  • The cardholder did not receive the product or service
  • The cardholder was unsatisfied with product or service
  • The cardholder’s credit card was stolen or used without their permission


You can first try to contact the donor that issued the chargeback to remind the person about his/her donation and make sure the chargeback wasn’t sent by error.


If you believe the chargeback was wrongfully issued, you can challenge it. Here’s how:


When a chargeback is issued for a donation made to one of your campaigns, WePay will send you an email informing you about the chargeback. Keep this email safe, because it’s from there that you can challenge the chargeback.

To challenge the chargeback, click the blue “Challenge” button in your email notification. This will prompt you to a screen where you can provide information about the payment and upload documentation proving that you provided the good or service. Only information submitted with this form will be used to help you challenge the chargeback so make sure you submit as much pertinent information as possible. Also note that audio and video files cannot be submitted. Suggested documentation includes:

  • Contacts
  • Refunds policies as agreed to by the payer
  • Tracking numbers proving receipt of goods
  • Communication from the payer, acknowledging receipt of goods/services

Once submitted, WePay will look over the information and decide whether or not they will fight against the cardholder’s bank on your behalf. WePay will fight the chargeback if they feel the information provided by you is sufficient to win the chargeback.


Important: WePay can only fight chargebacks on your behalf within three business days of receiving the chargeback, so make sure you submit information quickly!


Once information is submitted to challenge the chargeback, an email will be sent to you as notification. It can take 30-45 days for the credit card company to return with a decision on the dispute.


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