Transfer funds from your Stripe account to your bank account

With Stripe, no need to manually transfer your money, it’s all automated!

When linking your bank account to your Stripe account, you will be prompted to choose whether you would like donations received in your Stripe account to be transferred to your bank account weekly or monthly.

Once this is configured, you will receive the donations collected for your campaigns in your bank account at the schedule you have defined beforehand.


For more information on setting up your Stripe account, see this FAQ article.


The first payment usually takes a little longer to be received. Indeed, once the first donation has been made with Stripe, the transfer to your bank account will be made within 7 to 14 days. The processing of subsequent transfers is then carried out according to the schedule of recurring transfers.


Here, for example, for Canada, the information you must provide to link your bank account:

  • Transit number
  • Bank institution number
  • Account number

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