What happens if I have a campaign with PayPal and I want to create a new one with WePay?

By making WePay the main payment gateway on Yoyomolo, it won’t be possible to have campaigns with both PayPal and WePay at the same time.


There are 2 options available to you:


  • Keep your PayPal account – your new campaigns will be created with PayPal. However, please note that the option of having a PayPal account on Yoyomolo will be completely removed in the following months, so you will still have to migrate to WePay eventually. We invite you to make the transition to WePay as soon as possible to avoid any confusion. To stay updated on when PayPal will officially be removed from the platform, you can follow Yoyomolo on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter.


  • Switch to WePay, 100% free – your active campaigns will be converted and all donations received for those campaigns will be collected into your new WePay account.* If you create new campaigns, they will automatically be created with WePay. You won’t have to worry about PayPal being removed from the platform in the following months.


*Conditions apply for PayPal account holders who do not have a residential address in Canada or in the United States. Please read our FAQ article on this matter for more details.


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