Why choose WePay?

No more waiting: Yoyomolo teams up with WePay to boost your crowdfunding campaigns


What is WePay?


WePay is a payment gateway, just like Stripe or PayPal for example. On Yoyomolo, we teamed up with WePay to provide you with an efficient platform where you can easily create your payment account and receive donations. By creating your first campaign, your WePay account will automatically be created! All donations received for your campaigns will be deposited into your WePay account, and then transferred directly into your bank account.

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Why choose WePay?


> An integrated process: create your account in a swift

Just launch your first campaign and your WePay account will automatically be created! Complete its setup in no time simply by accessing one email.


> Start raising funds NOW

From now on, no more waiting for your campaign to be approved by our team for it to be live and public. Start collecting donations as soon as you’re done creating your campaign!

Because we know that when it comes to reaching your goals, there’s no time to waste!


> All your donations, directly into your bank account

While setting up your WePay account, you will be able to choose the frequency of your withdrawals, which can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Simply set your preference and you won’t have to think about your donation transfers ever again! The donations received for your campaigns will go straight into your bank account at the chosen recurrence.


> Let donors cover the transaction fees for you

When giving to your campaign, donors will be able to choose if they wish to include the transaction fees into their donation so you can benefit from the whole donation amount.

Let your donors know about this option and you’ll be surprised of how many of them will choose to cover the fees for you, just so their donation has the biggest impact on your campaign!


> A simpler and faster donation process

With WePay, your donors can easily give to your campaign by using their credit card. And don’t worry: not only the new 3-step donation process is faster , but it’s also completely secure! Donors simply need to complete the required information to contribute to your campaign.


By adding WePay to Yoyomolo, we’ll eventually remove the option of using a PayPal account to collect donations. We’ll share the official date of PayPal’s withdrawal with you in the following months. To stay informed on this matter, you can follow Yoyomolo on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter!


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