Scratch My Back, Get a Track: Discover the “Audio Promo” Feature

You are launching a fundraising campaign and sharing it with your network to raise funds. Most people from your entourage (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) will gladly help you out and support your project without having something in exchange for their contribution. But image how many potential supporters who aren’t necessarily familiar with you or your project you could tempt to donate by offering them something in return for their donation.

The Audio Promo feature allows you to give one or more audio tracks in exchange for a certain amount of money. If you are a singer or a podcast host, for example, this feature is perfect for you!

Here’s how you could use the Audio Promo feature:

If you are a singer:

  • If you are financing or are about to launch your EP or album, you could offer one or more songs exclusively in exchange for a donation.

If you are a podcast host:

  • If you are financing or are about to launch a new series of episodes, you could offer a full episode or a snippet of one exclusively in exchange for a donation.

The idea is to give some sort of exclusivity to the people who support your project in order to thank them for their generosity and to give value to their gesture. Giving something in exchange for a donation also makes your supporters happy, which can lead to them sharing your campaign with their network.


Here’s how to activate the Audio Promo feature once your campaign has been created:

 1) Log in to your Yoyomolo account.

Click the Log in button in the top menu to access the login page. Enter your account information and then click on  Log in.

2) Go to the MY CAMPAIGNS section.

In the left menu, click on the MY CAMPAIGNS tab.


3) Click on Manage to the right of the campaign you wish to edit.



4) Click on the SONGS tab.



5) Tick the box under PROMOTION ACTIVATION.

By ticking the box, you will be able to edit the PROMOTION MANAGEMENT options.


6) Choose the triggering amount.

The triggering amount is the minimal amount your donors will have to give in order to have access to your tracks.


7) Upload the audio tracks you wish to give to your donors in exchange for their contribution.

Click on +ADD A SONG to add a new field where you will be able to upload an audio track.

Start by naming your track, and then click on Choose File to upload the track from your computer to Yoyomolo.

You can add as many tracks as you want. Simply click on +ADD A SONG every time you wish to add an additional track.

*Please make sure that your tracks are in the MP3 format and that they are original tracks (tracks cannot violate others’ copyright and/or privacy rights).


8) Click on SAVE.

Do not forget to save after adding your audio tracks or your changes will not be kept.



And that’s it, you’re done!

Every donor that gives an amount that is equal or higher to the chosen triggering amount will have access to your audio tracks.

Here’s how your donors will receive their gift(s):

1) A donor makes a donation to your campaign of an amount that is equal to or higher than the triggering amount.

2) An email is sent to the donor at the email address given during the donation process.



This email contains a download link. By clicking on this link, the donor will be redirected on a page of Yoyomolo’s website where that person will be able to download the audio track(s).


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