How can I promote my Yoyomolo fundraising activities ?

If you are a participant and/or a team captain, you will first need to log in to the administration. You can then share your fundraising activity via email by clicking on the “Invite friends to support you” button in the menu. Simply type in the recipient’s email address and press send.


If you are the creator of an activity, you will find the same sharing module by logging in the administration and opening the “Public Page” tab while editing your activity.

It is also recommended to share your page on social networks. You can do so by copying the URL link of your page and pasting it into the field dedicated to posts. Social networks are the perfect tool to let a large number of people know about your fundraising activity. Also, you will find a “Share this page” module to the right side of every activity page. This module offers different ways of promoting the page ranging from Google (+) to Facebook.

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